Marketing Assistant
@ Hertz Rent-a-Car

(Jul 10 / Jul 11)Hertz Marketing Logo

Very first corporate and multinational experience.


  • activity planning, assistance executing and follow-up;
  • management of street activities’ inventory;
  • website improvement and maintenance;
  • contact with international support team.


  • harvested solutions considering multicultural differences;
  • improved my english fluency;
  • improved administrative, excel and teamwork skills.

[Erasmus] Marketing Assistant
@ Breda Lorett, S.p.A.

(Mar 15 / Aug 15)
Breda Lorett Marketing Logo

My experience working in Italy was eye-opening regarding interpersonal relationships and helped me become more tolerant.


  • assist in any marketing activities;
  • market research;
  • develop a communication plan and ensure its continuity.


  • developed a social platforms content plan according the best traffic hours;
  • standardized all employees’ email signatures;
  • presented the Italian aftermarket scope;
  • presented a global analysis of the most influential groups on of the sector;
  • improved my adapting and flexibility skills by participating socially in a different culture.

Marketing Technician
@ AD Portugal

(Aug 16 / Jun 17)AD Portugal Marketing Logo

The automotive aftermarket is already complex if you’re dealing with one single brand.
With more than 40 in the portfolio it becomes a challenge worthy of the Mount Olympus.


  • improvement and standardization of the corporate branding;
  • annual campaign planning;
  • responsible for developing communication.


  • new image of the workshop networking programme;
  • new communication templates;
  • Sonicel’s institutional presentation;
  • improved negotiation skills with communication partners.


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