Digital Journey!

I first fell in love with the digital scope when i was studying Informatics Engineering because of the the possibilities, opportunities, the easiness of trying new approaches and rapidly change any kind of information.

I guess that’s why everything you read on the internet is true right?!… 🙄

When reviewing my possible future jobs I felt overwhelmingly bored by the fact of staying behind a desk writing code all day.

It was until my first working experience at Hertz that I realized we all kinda need to be behind the desk all day writing all sorts of stuff so…

…was it worth changing to marketing?


The Beginning of Digital Marketing

Before graduating in Marketing Management I had this idea that the future would be around the immense universe of the internet. So I studied HTML and CSS, learned a few things about wordpress and developed my photoshop skills.

When you are not “forced” to learn these topics you can have a whole lot of fun with it! :mrgreen:

Last year I grabbed the Digital Marketing & Strategy Certificate:

Digital Marketing Certificate

I truly believe optimization and kpi’s are the most important key factors to any business success and it got deeper into my skin when I was presented a closer look into Google’s index system and how it works around SEO and SEM.

Also… the amazing Google Analytics and Adwords platforms – awesome tools that gives us access to insights that can model an entire business around them!

Just got Google Analytics’ Certificate by Atelier Digital (originally called The Digital Garage) and now I can master the art of delivering insights through a bunch of data:

google analytics certificate

Bear in mind this is like a warm up!

Next up is the Google’s official analytics certificate. And adwords is next on the list!


I know how to set up campaigns in several channels such as adwords, email and any main social platform like facebook, instagram, linkedin or twitter.

Pick-up a database full of contacts, divide it into segments and apply the information already there to find common interests and behaviors so the content matches not only what your consumers are looking for but what they are willing to read!

When in the digital marketing world, the headline is key!

In any type of campaign it is the invitation, the face of the campaign, the call to make your customers want to know more.

And you gotta A/B test them so you know which of the templates work the best.. I often say that you don’t go around throwing bananas to someone who wants apples!

They can buy the first time but they sure won’t come back for more.

From my elected copywriting entrepreneur Neville Medhora I like to follow this template:

ROT Formula

I like to follow more references in the entrepreneurial world such as Noah Kagan, Gary Vaynerchuck, Daniel DiPiazza, Austin Kleon and more but…

Neville is my absolute #1 to check about kopy!

All that said, I consider myself as a resourceful asset.

If you think so too…

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