Digital Marketer

(Jul 17 / Actual)TIPS 4Y

The first official digital job description, although the offline marketing is still within my chors.


  • digital strategy (plan, execute, measure and analyse);
  • management (define KPI’s, measure and analyse ROI);
  • digital creativity (plan and create content through design, video, SEM and analytics);
  • business intelligence/analytics (help product development and sales to increase customer experience).


  • improved video quality of tutorials (youtube channel);
  • designed and created montlhy marketing digital report;
  • implemented the annual digital strategy;
  • designed TIPS 4Y institutional presentation;
  • optimized market segmentation through client database;
  • developed form for the new client to better help segment client database;
  • helped create a new academy event series to teach clients about star products and make brand advocates;
  • optimized Youtube channel and improved video strategy by producing videos periodically;
  • enhanced planning, powerpoint, photoshop, webdesign, video making and benchmarking skills.


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