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I can help you from communication to leadership passing through teamwork and some more soft skills I've been developing in my working experiences. Studied the art of Marketing Management, have a certificate in Digital Marketing & Strategy and a proud practitioner of NLP. I'm always eager to learn new things from new people. If you are like me then you like to travel the world, play computer games and go on adventures like sky diving and rock climbing. Have been a boyscout for 14y taught me very useful and unique skills of self sacrifice, flexibility and responsibility.
Microsoft Office
Google Analytics
Online Advertising
Image Editing
Hours of study


I love to socialize, talk to and learn from multiple cultures!
Native language
Land of Mourinho and Cristiano Ronaldo
Same language spoken in 9 countries like Brazil, Macao,...
Spoken fluently
I have a dream of living in the USA
Wall Street English Threshold Pro Certificate
Lived 6 months with wonderful people
Fabulous country for art, history and food lovers

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André Afonso
André Afonso

Digital Marketer

Teamworker, detail-oriented, always eager to learn.

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